Beach Outing with the Munchkin

While planning for my sister’s 23rd birthday on 2 June 2017, we decided to have an island hopping! It has been a looooong time since we stepped on the beach. My big dilemma is: WHAT TO DO and BRING when I have a baby with ME?

The munchkin woke up like that on the day of the outing!

When I was still single and “baby-free”, I can just go on beach outings with a small handcarry bag which can fit 1 shirt, 1 short, and the basic hygiene kit. But having a baby in tow changed my perspective, I even prepared a SUITCASE for a 1-day island hopping! Sounds OA, but it was true! LOL

Came the day of the outing, we left our place at exactly 7:00 AM, rode to Cordova, and finally, the boat. I can sense the Munchkin was still sleepy that time so I just let her sleep throughout the boat ride. One very important thing that I am thankful for is my breastfeeding journey with her, I can just let her sleep peacefully while she latches. I cannot imagine the added inconvenience of bringing a lot of bottles and sterilizers for the baby.

So, what I brought for the island hopping are: 2 pairs of swimwears, eating utensils, and her rocking chair! She enjoyed the boat ride while sitting on her rocking chair and it was also used for picture taking when we set food on the island.IMG_7008

On the next pic, the Munchkin is sitting pretty in Caohagan Island.


On our way back to the port, it was around 3:30 in the afternoon, we decided to dip the Munchkin in the sea, for her to experience the saltwater. She really enjoyed the seawater and even tasted it with her tongue. LOL


P.S. We bought the Hello Kitty thingy in Wei Tong in Manalili for just 80 pesos but her first set of swimwear is from Carter’s (given by my sister as a gift). However, I also bought her another set of swimwear from the ukay-ukay, with a total amount of 130 pesos, as seen in the pic below! Her sunflower cap is 30 pesos, top and panty (the brand is GAP) for 50 pesos each!


Overall, it was an overwhelming experience to successfully bring a 10-month old baby to an island hopping. I am very excited to do it again, once the baby becomes a toddler.

As to the expenses, all of them were paid by my sister and I asked her for a breakdown in case you would want to go island hopping in Cordova:

Boat rental (1 day)                             – PhP 4,500

Food (lechon, fish, drinks, rice)                 8,000

**good for 20 persons

Total amount spent: PhP 12,500

Regardless of the amount, the experience and the joy brought by the celebration cannot be discounted! **Philippians 4:13